Swiss Splendour: Schloss Laufen am Rheinefall

“On my behalf I want you to devour all the chocolate you see!”, suggestively quoted one of my close buddies upon news of my Shengen Visa approval and confirmed tickets to what’s singlehandedly one of the most aesthetically spectacular locations on the planet. CX383, a fully-loaded Boeing 777-300ER on premium economy, with a side of…

#DiscoverHK: Grass Island’s Picturesque Panorama

Previously, we explored the numerous transport interchanges necessary to reach our destination, “Hong Kong’s biggest lawn”, the Grass Island, and in this particular entry, we embark on the thrill to find out what makes this island as coveted in the aspects of its picturesque wonder.

#DiscoverHK: Harbourfronts and the Grass Island

Status? Sponsored. For any travel writer the big “S” is a step up not only in the questionable self-esteem, but also a distinction in the harsh world of online writing where everyone seems to be a critic. Brownie points, a pat on the back, and honor to the family; we’ve done it ladies and gents….