#DiscoverHK: Bicycles and a GoPro

Previously on our DiscoverHK, we embarked with the nitty-gritty on getting on the sights and sounds of Hong Kong’s new territories on two wheels. Now, on our final sequel of this thrill-filled series, here’s a first hand glimpse of the entire excursion. It’s best to watch in its 60 frames-per-second goodness at 1080p HD!

#DiscoverHK: New Territories Bike Excursion

From the toddler taking his first tricycle for a spin, or a world champion cyclist (coughs; Wong Kam Po)  beating record time, I’d say Hong Kong excels to cater for all, providing no less than exceptional views for a relaxing afternoon’s bike cruise.

#DiscoverHK: Grass Island’s Picturesque Panorama

Previously, we explored the numerous transport interchanges necessary to reach our destination, “Hong Kong’s biggest lawn”, the Grass Island, and in this particular entry, we embark on the thrill to find out what makes this island as coveted in the aspects of its picturesque wonder.

#DiscoverHK: Harbourfronts and the Grass Island

Status? Sponsored. For any travel writer the big “S” is a step up not only in the questionable self-esteem, but also a distinction in the harsh world of online writing where everyone seems to be a critic. Brownie points, a pat on the back, and honor to the family; we’ve done it ladies and gents….

Hong Kong Exposure: Wong Lung Hang Falls

Legend has it Hong Kong experienced a time of peace, where its natives enjoyed what the land had to offer without the smell of Fierce by Abercrombie and Fitch, Lush’s organic handmade soap, or the stench of the Central to Admiralty train at rush hour. This is Hong Kong, and as much as I prefer my trees, decent…