#DiscoverHK: Bicycles and a GoPro

Previously on our DiscoverHK, we embarked with the nitty-gritty on getting on the sights and sounds of Hong Kong’s new territories on two wheels. Now, on our final sequel of this thrill-filled series, here’s a first hand glimpse of the entire excursion. It’s best to watch in its 60 frames-per-second goodness at 1080p HD!

Swiss Splendour: Alps with a side of Movenpick

Day 2. Agenda? Titlis Gray Line Tours. Zurich – Kriens – Engelberg – Lucerne – Zurich. Three second google search of those places were lure to what’s simply put as eye-enchanting. For 156 francs per human (halfprice for halflings aged 6-16), the bus picked us up at the hotel, stopping over at Zurich Hauptbahnhof to pickup the rest…

#DiscoverHK: New Territories Bike Excursion

From the toddler taking his first tricycle for a spin, or a world champion cyclist (coughs; Wong Kam Po)  beating record time, I’d say Hong Kong excels to cater for all, providing no less than exceptional views for a relaxing afternoon’s bike cruise.