Who Am I?

Zachary Keith Lustre Santos. A mouthful eh ? Call me Zac. I’m 20 years old, Fullblooded-Filipino, currently based in Hong Kong, and the sole author of VoyagerZulu, armed with a Canon EOS 750D, and the ever so trusty GoPro Hero 4,



VoyagerZulu thrives off curiosity, the thrill of what lies beyond the road less travelled. By definition, a voyage is a long journey, by land or by sea, often of unknown destination and duration, hence fitting to what I live for. Zulu, the ICAO radiotelephonic pronunciation of the letter “Z” is assigned in substitution to my own name. Also ‘cause it’s generally more awesome.



The website aims to discover, unveil, and showcase what this Earth has to offer through a barrage of all sorts of adventure. I write in hopes to influence an attitude to embrace the less known, and shed more light upon the breathtaking world shadowed upon a facade of ever-so-growing modernisation. In addition, to spread awareness of not only the natural beauty, but the keen preservation people exert to maintain it.



From the exotic islands of the Maldives, the high-altitude panoramas of Switzerland, the myriad of creatures in the Great Barrier, to the kinks and quirks of the urban jungle I call home, Hong Kong, I hope to expand VoyagerZulu’s reach towards the rest of the world’s wonders.



A self-motivated objective, VoyagerZulu is also very much open to business opportunities, such as media influencing, product or location showcase, or sponsored posts. Do check out the Instagram: voyagerzulu , as well as my private twitter account: zachary_ santos for your daily dose of adventure!



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