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So there I was sleepless (and somewhat jetlagged) at 3AM one February evening when I created this compound word of a moniker that potentially sparked into a passion: VoyagerZulu.

voyagerzulu announcement 2
logo created by Joan Lao (IG: @yuniowl)

Lets dissect this, the word voyage was chosen, among its hundred synonymous (not to mention stereotypically cringeworthy) travel blogger alternatives, because of its more sophisticated definition. A voyage is a long journey by land, sea, space, or air, with the destination unprecedented; and the time it takes to get there, unknown.

With a lifetime worth of travelling, and a 196 countries this Earth has to offer, who’s to say the voyage will actually ever end?

Zulu on the other hand, is more so aviation oriented, and will be tackled in THIS section of the blog (calling out all Aerophiles out there!).

Now, with the blog covering big holiday travels, aviation voyages, and now, small-scale personal experiences on events, food, and particularly remarkable afternoons, treat this as a Table of Contents to find which entry will be of helpful resources towards your next holiday!










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