#DiscoverHK: Bicycles and a GoPro

Previously on our DiscoverHK, we embarked with the nitty-gritty on getting on the sights and sounds of Hong Kong’s new territories on two wheels. Now, on our final sequel of this thrill-filled series, here’s a first hand glimpse of the entire excursion. It’s best to watch in its 60 frames-per-second goodness at 1080p HD!

An unforgettable experience, it was an absolute joy working with Las Palmas Tours and Travel, your award-winning gateway to ‘out of this world’ packages to the beautiful unknown this Earth has to offer. On the other hand, I’d also like to thank the Hong Kong Tourism Board for both the generosity, and the opportunities.

I’d like to also thank our silly, hardworking team for the absolute blast of a weekend, and may the roads less travelled lead you all on even more remarkable endeavours.


and ofcourse to Rose Naguit, President of Las Palmas we’re ever-so-grateful for the generosity, kindness, and enthusiasm in execution of our projects. Be sure to check out both their website ( http://www.laspalmastoursandtravel.com/v3/ ) as well as their Facebook page for more information on getting about the globe’s corners.

references and special thanks to:

  • Hong Kong Tourism Board
  • Las Palmas Tours and Travel, especially Ms. Rose Naguit
  • David Chan, and Freshabikes for ever-so-reliable bikes
  • DiscoverHongKong.com for maps and navigation
  • Photos are property of VoyagerZulu.com unless otherwise stated.
  • Shots taken with GoPro Hero4, Canon EOS 750, and edited with Adobe Lightroom
  • Mum, Dad, and the rest of the family
  • Big Man upstairs having such a breathtaking heritage site exist.

As a finishing touch, here’s the previous entries at your convenience, and may your Hong Kong adventure be as kickin’ as mine was!

DiscoverHK: Harbourfronts and the Grass Island
DiscoverHK: Grass Island’s Picturesque Panorama
DiscoverHK: New Territories Bike Excursion



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