South Australian Stunner: DJI Phantom 4 vs. Adelaide

So I made the decision to advance to Tertiary Level education, as I figured an undergraduate degree was actually somewhat important. Who knew? This being the case, moving base was necessary, having accepted the offer to take the Bachelor of Aviation over at the University of South Australia. Ladies and gents, this is my sunset at Mawson Lakes for the next three years.

tldr; this post aims to appreciate the stunning sights of South Australia through aerial shots, in lieu of my big move to Adelaide, all showcased through DJI’s glorious drone, the Phantom 4.

Now I’m sure there’s a fair share of the populace out there with a barrage of statements for my big move. Let me take the liberty of answering them before you have a go at me.

  • Aviation? You want to be a pilot?

    Yes, since I was four and able to think. My first P U/T (pilot under training) flight was on a single piston engine Grob 115B with the Lycoming O320 engine, whereas my favourite commercial jet is the Airbus A350-900. For the aviation nuts feel free to drop a NOTAM in my inbox!

  • Adelaide?

    Yes, Adelaide, the city of Churches, Festivals, Wineries in South Australia; and more so important in my case, where Parafield Airport is located.

  • Could’ve flown in Florida? Namibia? Vancouver?

    I harbour a fondness for Flight Training Adelaide, the official school where Cathay Pacific sends their cadets for their licensing and training hours, and if there’s one thing CX is legendary for, it’s their safety record. Google CX flight 780 and see why those two pilots deserve their Polaris Awards.

  • Where on Earth is South Australia?

    Geographically, I’m in between Perth on the left, Melbourne by southeast, Sydney directly on the right and Alice Springs up top. I’ve got airplanes AND all that to explore.

  • Isn’t there not much happening where you’re based though scenery-wise?

    YOU ARE MISTAKEN. This drone-appreciation post is aimed at you, the non-believer. South Australia is no less than spectacular *air quotes* scenery-wise. READ ON FURTHER and get back to me when your jaw’s back in place mate.

Now that I’ve got that cleared up, let me walk you through my first couple of days literally down under. I happen to be moving in with two highschool mates of mine, (and in order of the last person who did the dishes) Ahsan Akbar and Kelvin Ding.


Above is Goolwa Beach, 53 miles down south of Adelaide, and literally means “the elbow” in the local aboriginal language. And ofcourse in equal importance, is a haven for surfers, from novice to experts for its ever changing choice-waves.


In a span of four days, we actually took the roadtrip twice, one was just Kelvin and I, and the other when Ahsan finally got his bum on a plane. The change in colour happened on the second trip there. Apparently, the climate-change had resulted in an abundance of blue-green algae, encapsulating the Southern Ocean waters with a bright teal when shone with natural light.

Half an hour further South East, is even more of a spectacle for any drone pilot: Victor Harbour. Essentially Victor Harbour’s a glorified tourist destination, flocking during the summer holidays, and a very popular grad-trip location for them highschool graduates (“schoolies”, colloquially known). For those whose seen Victor Harbour, forget all you know, as here’s an eagle-eye view at 1,000 feet.


Right across is Granite Island, connected by a Causeway that splits the sea from Victor Harbour and Encounter Bay.

Granite Island, aboriginally referred to as Nulcoowarra, is a destination famous for one particular thing, apart from the supercool antique-tram service connecting victor harbour and granite island pulled by race horses. Across the spectrum of fauna, Penguins, often reside in the area. Fairy Penguins. The population has declined unfortunately,


Occasionally raging waters from the Southern Ocean slam the south-face of the island, creating  the amalgam of aqua-teal waters and white spray. Having settled over at the  oddly named Screwpile Jetty, an untainted Antarctican breeze blows from the south. To this calming view adds an element that definitely made our day. Wild Dolphins


According to the local dolphin watchers, they do frequent the island to breed at particular seasons.

On the other hand, I’m sure a video would be more appropriate in showcase of our roadtrip to Victor Harbour.

Such was a brilliant day indeed. On the two hour drive home, we decided to head right over to Glenelg to admire the day that had passed via very nostalgic and aesthetically rather pleasing walk by the iconic jetty.

Anyway,  to those who read this far, I hope you appreciate these shots from an otherworldly view! It surely is a jolt of adrenaline flying a machine in, more-often-than-not, restricted airspace. And to the non-believers, who told me SA was dull as, think again. ‘Til the next adventure you swashbucklers!


  • All photos and videos are property of VoyagerZulu
  • Cameras used: DJI Phantom 4
  • DISCLAIMER: soundtrack in the video is not mine, but by Mako
  • Kelvin for being a fantastic bud having driven us back and forth twice!
  • Ahsan for breathing
  • Mum, Dad, and my entire family for having supported this entire blog!
  • Big Man Upstairs for having such a place exist
  • Email:
  • Instagram / Twitter / Facebook: @voyagerzulu

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